Military Injury Claims

Are you presently serving in the British Armed Forces or a former member of the military who has encountered hearing-related issues?
If so, you might be eligible for compensation. This applies regardless of your current service status.

If you served any of your service following May 1987, fill out the below form to start your claim.

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You can make a military negligence claim for injuries suffered while serving or as a result of serving with Navy, RAF, Army, Special Forces or Reserves.

We understand that dealing with the MoD can be a daunting prospect, but our expert solicitors are experienced and will be on your side throughout the case.

Military or army injury compensation claims can be made for injuries sustained during training exercises or active duty. There are strict time-frames in place when dealing with legal claims, so even if you are currently serving, get in touch before it’s too late. There are strict rules preventing discrimination against service personnel making claims against the MoD, and your career will not be affected.

Any settlement comes from a special MoD budget, NOT that of your unit.

Types of injury you can claim for include:

  • Hearing Loss – NIHL
  • Injuries caused by the negligent discharge of firearms
  • Accidents on tours / exercises
  • Occupational Diseases
  • Non-Freezing Cold Injury – NFCI
  • Military Inquests and Fatal Accidents
  • Criminal Injuries
  • Lariam use
  • Armed Forces Medical Negligence
  • Injuries caused in military vehicle accidents
  • Inadequate/Faulty Equipment and Machinery
  • Parachuting Accidents / Falls from Height
  • Heat Injuries
  • Mental Health or Psychological Conditions / PTSD

How Much Can I Claim?

How much you are entitled to claim for an injury whilst serving with the military can vary from case to case – however, it’s generally accepted that the more life-changing an injury, the more you are likely to receive.

This is something that our specialists will discuss with you.

Can I Claim Whilst Still Serving In The Military?

Yes, it has become a common myth that you cannot make a claim against the military whilst still serving, but this is completely false. In fact, as many claims have strict time limits, if you wait until you leave service, you may no longer be able to make your claim.

Just like any other employer, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has a duty of care to ensure their employees’ safety whilst at work. If they break this, then they are putting their employees’ lives at risk.

Any compensation money comes directly from the MoD and NOT your regiment.