Industrial Hearing Loss Claims

Are you, or have you ever, worked in a job that you believe may have damaged your hearing? If so, you might be eligible for compensation. This applies regardless of your current employment status.

Don’t wait, contact us now – it’s important not to delay in seeking legal advice if you suspect hearing loss or are dealing with tinnitus (ringing in one or both ears).

  • A high-pitched ringing in the ears?
  • Buzzing in the ears?
  • Hearing loss?
  • Difficulty hearing in situations where there is background noise?
  • Worked in a noisy environment?

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Free Specialist Hearing Test

Our specialist hearing experts will perform an in-depth hearing test on you, to determine the levels of your hearing loss and use your audiograms to decide if the loss was caused by your work.
If it is determined that your hearing loss was caused by your time in employment, we will fight on your side to claim the compensation you are due.

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Why Do We Ask For Your National Insurance Number?

Although you don’t need to supply your National Insurance number on the initial application, you will need to at some point. We ask this so that our solicitors can trace your work history and prove you worked for the company in the claim and that their insurance company cannot claim that you didn’t work there.